Mansuy Rocquin (Decathlon) during the Biorizon year event 2022
‘Bio-aromatics can make sportswear more sustainable’

Customers of outdoor sports brand Decathlon spend a lot of their time in nature. Sustainability is therefore one of the company's obvious values. “We have a big impact on the environment and take on the responsibility to reduce this. This includes switching to bio-based raw materials produced in a nature-friendly way,” said Mansuy Rocquin, Decathlon's Product & Application Engineer, at the 9th Biorizon event on 1 December.

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CRS Moerdijk
‘The right time for chemical recycling is now’

Will industry in the Netherlands survive? With that question, employers' organisation VNO-NCW sounded the alarm this month. The challenges are piling up: high energy and raw material prices, emission targets and the need to invest heavily in sustainability. Greenification is a possible solution, as was evident at the Chemical Recycling Summit (CRS) organised by Circular Biobased Delta and partners in Moerdijk, The Netherlands on 22 November.

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Rubber from yeast, activated carbon from plums and insoles from mycelium

The 2022 Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge Europe (BISC-E) Finals were a close call. Student teams competed against each other in this European competition, and in the end, three winners emerged, all receiving about a quarter of the votes. That shows that the top three teams competed with comparably high level of entries.

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