BISC-E Team Waterskins

Dutch students win international BISC-E competition 2021

The Dutch student team WaterSkins from Delft has won first prize in the international final of…

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European Parliament voted in favour of CBE JU

The European Parliament voted in favour of a legislative proposal on the establishment of 9 joint…

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Drax Power Plants in Yorkshire, UK

Drax dropped from Clean Energy index

Energy company Drax has been booted from the S&P Global Clean Energy Index as doubts over…

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Neste opens new R&D centre in Singapore

Neste, the world's leading supplier of renewable diesel and sustainable jet fuel, is accelerating the implementation…

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Plastic recycling worker

Netherlands leading the way in plastic recycling technology

Dutch companies and research institutes account for 11.5% of all international patents (IPFs) for plastic recycling…

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BioVoice Match Event 2021

BioVoice challenges lead to new forms of cooperation

The biobased challenges of BioVoice are leading to more and more forms of cooperation between large…

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The Exploded View Beyond Building DDW21

Iconic house with 100 sustainable building materials

'Get to know your circular living environment of the future': with this message Biobased Creations, together…

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BBEPP fermenting facilities

€21 million for Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

The Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP) in Ghent (Belgium) is receiving a financial injection totalling…

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Chemport Connect Live 12 okt 2021

Biobased business means playing on multiple chessboards

The circular bio-based economy is gaining momentum. Several developments of recent years are about to break…

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EUBCE 2019

BBI JU joins EUBCE in May 2022

The public-private partnership BBI JU (Bio-based IndustriesJoint Undertaking) is teaming up with the European Biomass Conference…

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Adv.agro chemie linked in

New flow sensors based on fish

Fish have flow sensors, which allow them to swim in flowing water: the so-called nanomasts that…

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Nordsol bio-L:NG plant in Amsterdam

King to open first Dutch bio-LNG plant

In the Netherlands, king Willem Alexander will open the first Dutch bio-LNG plant located in Amsterdam…

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Biobased chemistry - algae

8 Free webinars on the future of chemicals, (bio)polymers and chemical recycling

How will the world produce its chemicals and materials in the future if society no longer…

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Europe - Agriculture - Ireland

Biobased industries turnover in Europe jumps to € 780 billion

The bio-based industries in Europe continue to grow. In 2018, they achieved a total turnover of…

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Stacks of money

BBI JU shows impact in various countries

The Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) has released a new infographic showing the impact of…

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NFT Award 2021

NFT Award 2021 goes to Martens Keramiek

Martens Keramiek from Dinteloord/Oosterhout has won the Natural Fibertastic Award 2021 with Kerloc: ceramics made from…

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Biotechnology and digitisation

Belgian biotech can become industry of the future

With an effective policy framework, Belgium can build even more advanced biotech production capacity. That way,…

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The Circular Plastics Conference 2021

Biobased alternatives for polyacrylic acid

Several knowledge institutions and companies based in Belgium and the Netherlands work together to contribute to…

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Bio-asphalt test road with lignin

The future of asphalt is green

A new future is emerging for 'green' asphalt: roads in which fossil oil and chemicals have…

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CarbonBuilt concrete blocks

Concrete stores CO2 thanks to green cement

The CO2 footprint of concrete can be halved thanks to an invention by researchers at the…

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