Bioextrax wins Green Chemistry part of SIC 2020

Suiker Unie chooses Bioextrax as the SIC 2020 winner

Suiker Unie has chosen Bioextrax as the winner of its challenge in the "green chemistry" category…

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CFK Recycling wins Sustainable Industry Challenge 2020

CFK Recycling wins Sustainable Industry Challenge 2020

At the New Year’s reception of Groningen Seaports in Delfzijl last week, CFK Recycling from Germany…

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'PEF/FDCA flagship plant Avantium operational in 2023'

Avantium builds FDCA flagship plant in Delfzijl

Avantium's first commercial FDCA plant will be located in Delfzijl. The sustainable chemical company from The…

Editorial office / Delfzijl

Woodpellet plant of Graanul in Ebavere, Estonia

Estonian woodpellet producer switches to biochemistry feedstock

Europe's largest producer of wood pellets, Granuul Invest from Estonia, wants to make products with a…

Editorial office / Tallinn

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Chemical Park Delfzijl

40 Top companies at final Sustainable Industry Challenge

No fewer than 40 innovative companies (scale-ups) from 13 different countries have been selected and invited…

Editorial office / Groningen

Francois de Bie

Crucial role for bioplastics industry in the European Green Deal

“We see our industry in a crucial role to help achieving the European Green Deal”, says…

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Philippe Mengal

“We need 100 Flagships in the next period”

bout 800 experts from the biobased economy across Europe visited the second edition of the BBI…

Editorial office / Brussels

Circular pathways for bio-based plastics require more cooperation 2

Circular management of biobased packaging can be improved

How can the circular management of biobased packaging be improved? That was the subject of a…

Editorial office / Wageningen

Chemistry lab

Chemists create new route to PHA’s

Eugene Chen, professor in the Department of Chemistry at Colorado State University, has led a new…

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European Commission building with flags

EUBA welcomes updated European Bioeconomy Strategy

The European Bioeconomy Alliance (EUBA) welcomes the conclusions of the Competitiveness Council (COMPET) on the updated…

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Ludo Diels

Commercial production of bio-aromatics is getting closer

Biorizon is on its way to the mission: the commercial production of bio-aromatics in 2025, said…

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Pilotplant equipment

Pilots4U is looking for a network coordinator

The Pilots4U project team is looking for a Stakeholder Relations Manager to coordinate and further develop…

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Pipes in chemical industry

Sustainability and circularity as competitive opportunities for European industry

Europe needs an ambitious strategy for maintaining a leading, smart, innovative and sustainable industry. This is…

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Dead tree in dry landscape

Cut global emissions by 7.6% yearly

The world is heading for a 3.2°C temperature rise unless collective climate ambitions increase more than…

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Alstom Coradia iLint hydrogen powered train

Hydrogen train emission-free alternative to diesel train

The interest in emission-free hydrogen trains is growing worldwide. The world's first two hydrogen trains have…

Editorial office / 's-Hertogenbosch

Stadler train in The Netherlands

Stadler to develop first Hydrogen-powered train in the US

The Swiss train builder Stadler is going to develop the first hydrogen-powered passenger train to operate…

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Tokyo Akihabare Electronics District

Avantium opens branch office in Japan

Avantium Renewable Polymers confirms its strategy to turn to high-value applications for PEF (polyethylene furanoate) by…

Editorial office / Amsterdam

Cover detail CEO Guide to the Circular Bioeconomy released

CEO Guide to the Circular Bioeconomy released

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) released the CEO Guide to the Circular Bioeconomy…

Editorial office / Geneva

Oil tanker

BTG is developing a bio-refinery for pyrolysis oil

Before the end of the year, the Enschede-based company BTG wants to set up a new…

Editorial office / Enschede