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Annual Activity Report BBI JU published

The 2019 Annual Activity Report of the BBI JU is now available online. The report highlights…

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Aerial view of Hambach: mining and wind energy

RWE completes acquisition of innogy’s activities

RWE has completed the acquisition of innogy activities in the field of renewable energy and gas…

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Face shields made of biodegradable biopolymers

Face shields made of biodegradable biopolymers

3D printing and injection molding with biodegradable biopolymers are innovative techniques that are still under development…

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Hydrogen car fuel

Green hydrogen produced locally from biomass

The news about green hydrogen is mainly focussed on large-scale electrolysers and mega wind farms at…

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Omrin closes the cycles in the Northern Netherlands

Omrin closes the cycles in the Northern Netherlands

Waste is the raw material of the circular economy. And those who have access to raw…

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Sophie Roelants (Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant)

Dozens of new biosurfactants developed

Is it possible to completely biologically produce surfactants? Only 4% of these commonly used substances are…

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Lightbulb with plant inside, innovation concept

Citizens at the helm of sustainable regional development

Citizens can make a valuable contribution to a more sustainable society, through so-called Community Enterprises that…

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European Commission building with flags

Calling for a stronger recognition of the bio-based sector

63 BIC industry members, CEOs and C-level executives have signed an open letter to the European Commission,…

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Green investments

European Parliament passes law against greenwashing

Today (June 18), the European Parliament passed a law setting criteria for sustainable investments. Until now,…

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European Acacia

Impact of BBI JU for the green recovery of Europe

BBI JU launched the publication BBI JU: a high-impact initiative for green recovery of Europe highlighting…

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Dangerous chemicals

DSM leads global ChemScore green and safe chemicals ranking

DSM is the greenest chemical company in the world, according to the new ChemScore rankings from…

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Garbage collection

Europe’s bio-waste potential largely untapped

The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) has teamed up with Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) to produce a…

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Unilever invests € 1 billion in Climate & Nature Fund

The Unilever brands will jointly invest 1 billion in a new climate fund that contributes to…

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Holland Chemistry changes its name to ChemistryNL

ChemistryNL is the new brand name of the Top Sector Chemistry. With this new name, the…

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Aerial view on Oslo from an aeroplane

Europe’s first commercial plant for hydrogen-based aviation fuel

The new European industry consortium Norsk e-Fuel AS has announced to industrialize Power-to-Liquid technology (PtL) in…

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Wind Park in Norway

Norway launches Green Transition package and hydrogen strategy

The Norwegian government has put forward a "Green transition package" of NOK 3.6 billion (€ 342…

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BioBoost extended to end 2020

BioBoost extended to end of 2020

The 2 Seas Interreg programme has decided to extend the project period of BioBoost until the…

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Green planet

Circular bioeconomy should focus on sustainable wellbeing

Leading representatives from science, investors and industry, including The Club of Rome, presented a new 10…

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Clean ocean

Lactips raises € 13 mio for ‘edible’ bioplastic

Lactips, the French company specialized in producing an edible and water soluble bioplastic, has raised €…

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