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Tine Schaerlaekens will become the new Managing Director of Catalisti, the Flemish spearhead cluster for innovation in chemistry and plastics, from 1 January 2024. She succeeds Joris Van Droogenbroeck, who has held the position ad interim since June this year.
Editorial office / Antwerp

The 47-year-old Tine Schaerlaekens is currently director of innovation at essenscia, the chemicals and life sciences sector federation. Her appointment was announced this week during the annual Catalisti-Moonshot Day, where many promising innovation projects around sustainable chemistry and plastics were highlighted.

Tine Schaerlaekens graduated as a bioengineer from KU Leuven and worked at the Rega Institute and the VIB (Flemish Institute for Biotechnology). At essenscia, she guided companies and SMEs with innovation projects in sustainable and biobased chemistry. Between 2012 and 2021, she was already working part-time at Catalisti, and its predecessor FISCH, as a project and programme manager. As an advisor and director of innovation at essenscia, she also co-founded BlueChem, the incubator for sustainable chemistry in Antwerp.

Visit essenscia’s website for more information.