Visible in the Biobased Economy

Agro&Chemie is the leading platform for the biobased economy in the Netherlands and Flanders. We make programmes and developments in the BBE visible, contribute to businesses, knowledge institutes and government meeting each other and forming partnerships, and are the shop window of the Dutch/Flemish BBE to Europe and the world.

The Agro&Chemie magazine has been published since 2011 which makes it a real biobased pioneer. Together with a number of our partners we were at the cradle of an exciting development with enormous social and economic impact. Other parties followed.

By now virtually all the leading biobased players and programmes are affiliated partners with Agro&Chemie. The printed magazine continued to grow successfully and has become a bilingual multi-channel platform. Our partners are actively involved in consultations about the formula, they submit in-depth topics and stimulate optimum accessibility of our content within all the side branches of the biobased networks.

We offer our partners exclusive opportunities for bringing their own vision, programmes, events and developments to the attention of all stakeholders in the wide biobased community.

Download the Partner-brochure here.