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Chemistry and digital technology

Smart Industry Week – Tech meets Chem

Flemish spearhead cluster Catalisti is organising the Tech meets Chem event on 24 January in Antwerp…

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Man on the Moon

New chairman Scientific Advisory Board Moonshot Flanders

Dr Patrick Plehiers has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of…

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BioSAPs consortium is looking for industrial partners

The sustainability of superabsorbent polymers/hydrogels (SAP) in many medical, hygiene, consumer and agro-products, typically with a…

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Two new Catalisti projects for the bioeconomy

The Belgian Innovaton Cluster Catalisti has started two new bioeconomy projects: Enzymares and BIOPOL4MOTIVE.

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PU foam insulation

LIBERTY wants to make PU greener with lignin

The Belgian innovation agency Catalisti is looking for industrial and scientific partners for the LIBERTY consortium,…

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Ann Verlinden to become Managing Director at Catalisti

Ann Verlinden to become Managing Director at Catalisti

The board of directors of the Flemish chemical innovation cluster Catalisti has appointed Ann Verlinden, the…

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