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On 15 November, the Industrial Advisory Board of the Moonshot programme will organise the 2022 edition of the biennial event "Moonshot: a Boost for Industry" in Mechelen.

Through the Moonshot innovation programme, the Flemish government is allocating €20 million annually over the next 20 years for fundamental research and roadmaps that are truly transformative. The goal is to map out the path by 2040 so that energy-intensive industries can start implementing the processes or factories of the future to make Flanders carbon neutral and low-carbon by 2050.

The Moonshot Industrial Advisory Council is a biennial event. Present are members of the industrial advisory board (users of the project), representatives of the consortia (representatives of the centres of expertise that have joined forces and where research is being carried out), representatives of the board and the government, and representatives of the stakeholder consultation group. They join us for a full day of vital discussions. Vital, because the course that has been set along the way will be adjusted in response to new insights and new contextual factors.

Details will be announced shortly. For more information, visit Moonshot’s website.

Image: Dima Zel/Shutterstock