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Dr Patrick Plehiers has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of Flanders Moonshot Industrial Innovation, reports Catalisti.
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The Scientific Advisory Board plays a key role in the evaluation procedure of long-term innovation projects for a climate-proof and future-proof industry in Flanders. For this so-called Moonshot programme, the Flemish government is allocating €20 million a year for the next 20 years for fundamental research and roadmaps that are truly transformative. The goal is to map out the path by 2040 so that energy-intensive industries can start implementing the processes or factories of the future in order to make Flanders carbon-neutral and low-fossil in 2050.

Patrick Plehiers studied chemical engineering at UGent, where he obtained a PhD in chemical process engineering. He worked for BASF in Antwerp, the US (Texas) and Germany and is managing director of the International Isocyanate Institute (New Jersey). There, he is involved in monitoring the ecological and toxicological profile of MDI and TDI, the two main diisocyanates in the European market, which are used in the production of long polymer chains or polyurethanes. They are present in soft and hard foams and other important applications in the chemicals and plastics sectors.

On 15 November, the Industrial Advisory Board of the Moonshot programme together with Catalisti is organising the 2022 edition of the biennial event “Moonshot: a Boost for Industry” in Mechelen. Look in the agenda for more information.

Image: Dima Zel/Shutterstock