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US based Koch Technology Solutions (KTS) is investing €30 million in Dutch company Ioniqa Technologies. Together, they will further scale up Ioniqa's PET upcycling technology for the plastics industry to meet the growing demand for recycled PET material.
Editorial office / Eindhoven

Ioniqa has developed an innovative process to infinitely recycle very low-grade PET waste where a very pure feedstock is produced, thereby replacing oil-based raw materials for PET polyester production. Ioniqa has successfully demonstrated this technology on a 10KT/yr scale in the Netherlands.


KTS and Ioniqa consider the technology to be disruptive for the PET industry that at the same time offers a sustainable economic proposition compared to conventional production methods. The partners will jointly commercialise a circular process that will further minimise the climate impact of today’s PET industry.

“With a shared vision about the future of PET recycling, we are going to work wholeheartedly with Ioniqa where each other’s capabilities are complementary to bring this technology to market,” said Adam Sackett, President of KTS.

Tonnis Hooghoudt, CEO and Founder of Ioniqa: “This partnership with KTS is a huge step for Ioniqa to commercialise our technology globally as well. Our knowledge in breaking down PET into high purity PET raw materials fits seamlessly to KTS’ experience in designing and licensing PET production processes. We are confident that together we can meet the strong demand for recycled PET plastic and thereby also make the planet a little cleaner.”

For more information, visit Ioniqa’s or KTS’s website.

Image: pryzmat/Shutterstock