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Cumapol builds pilot plant for chemical PET recycling

In the Netherlands, PET bottles can be returned to any supermarket, thanks to the bottle deposit…

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Joint forces needed

'The PEFerence-project is of great importance to us. We are in the process of opening up…

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Morssinkhof produces rPET yarns

Morssinkhof produces rPET yarns

Morssinkhof Rymoplast is one of the largest plastic recycling businesses in Europe. The company reduces different…

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Broad focus on biopolymers

Broad focus on biopolymers

‘The Biopolymer Application Centre is intended to bring biopolymers in a general sense to the attention…

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ski bril bergen

Biopolycarbonate with promising future

In Lestrem, Northern France, Roquette has its largest production site. In total, the French-based company processes roughly 8…

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Material innovation powerful weapon

Puma’s evoSpeed shirt has a biobased water-repellent finish, in which the so-called dryCELL technology ensures that…

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PET bootles for recycling

New enzyme recycles PET in hours

A bacterial enzyme that depolymerises plastic bottles in hours has been created by scientists from the…

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'Close the oil tap for new plastics'

‘Close the oil tap for new plastics’

Ioniqa commissioned the first 10 kiloton plant for the endless upcycling of PET at the Chemelot…

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PET bottle for recycling

Ioniqa collects € 12 million for PET recycling plant

Ioniqa, a clean-tech spinoff from the Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands), has completed a €…

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Cumapol, Morsinkhoff and DSM Niaga create fully circular polyester chain

Creating a fully circular polyester chain

This week CuRe has been launched by Cumapol, DSM-Niaga and Morssinkhof. The partnership kicks-off with a…

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Danone and Nestlé develop 100% bio-based bottles

Ioniqa launching first PET plastic upcycling plant

Ioniqa is scaling up its technology for infinite PET plastic upcycling: the technology company is building…

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Cumapol factory

Impurities in plastics are no problem with chemical PET recycling

Plastic household waste contains all sorts of contaminants that make it unsuitable for the mechanical recycling…

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