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Umincorp officially opened the doors of its new plant at Merwe-Vierhavens in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in November. This plant is unique in that plastic PET waste from household waste is completely recycled here into specific new PET products.
Editorial office / Rotterdam

This enables the company’s plastic production chain to produce, among other things, packaging with emissions around 80% lower than when using common plastic raw materials.

Using their Magnetic Density Separator, Umincorp recycles plastics from household waste into new PET products and with 80% less CO2 emissions. Umincorp was scouted by the Industry Transformers Platform, a collaboration between the Port of Rotterdam Authority, InnovationQuarter, Province of South Holland, Municipality of Rotterdam, Circular Biobased Delta Foundation and CleanTech Delta. The company received an investment (€15m) from, among others, Energietransitiefonds Rotterdam.

The arrival of Umnicorp’s plant is an important step in realising the Economic Board Zuid-Holland’s Circular Agenda. This aims to replace 10 million tonnes of fossil raw materials with renewable ones. One of the action lines in this is: ‘produce 2 to 4 million tonnes of raw materials a year from plastic-rich waste’. It is meant to ‘make South Holland the place where the transition to sustainable industry and chemistry will be realised.’

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Image: UminCorp/Vimeo