Two men shake hands at chemical plant

Chemical recycling requires new coalitions

Europe wants to be climate-neutral, and that can only be achieved by investing fully in circularity.…

Pierre Gielen


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Pilot Plant BioBTX

BioBTX secures over €80M to launch world’s first renewable aromatics plant

BioBTX has raised more than €80 million to build its first commercial plant to produce renewable…

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Coated metal coils

World’s first: high-performance coatings containing phthalic anhydride from plastic waste

Coatings company Beckers Group has presented a high-performance coating containing phthalic anhydride from plastic waste. It…

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tr: Yme Flapper (technical manager), Erik Pijlman (managing director), Ian Jordens (commercial director)/Recell

Recell opens demo plant for green cellulose

Recell has opened a green cellulose demo plant with a capacity of 50kt in Leek,Northern Netherlands.…

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Circular mattress

Covestro and Recticel close PU mattress cycle

In the European research project 'PUReSmart', Covestro and Recticel have succeeded in recovering the two main…

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Umincorp plant opening step forward in green transition

Umincorp officially opened the doors of its new plant at Merwe-Vierhavens in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in…

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Aerial of Chemelot

Masterclass: transition to circular chemicals and materials

It is time to put a stop to global warming, by realizing a fully circular economy.…

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