Two men shake hands at chemical plant

Chemical recycling requires new coalitions

Europe wants to be climate-neutral, and that can only be achieved by investing fully in circularity.…

Pierre Gielen



Umincorp plant opening step forward in green transition

Umincorp officially opened the doors of its new plant at Merwe-Vierhavens in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in…

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Aerial of Chemelot

Masterclass: transition to circular chemicals and materials

It is time to put a stop to global warming, by realizing a fully circular economy.…

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Sugar cane plantation

TotalCorbion to launch rPLA commercially in 2021

TotalCorbion will bring chemically recycled PLA (rPLA) as part of the Luminy┬« PLA portfolio to the…

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Bio-based chemistry

CEFIC launches bio-based chemicals sector group

In response to the growing importance of bio-based renewable raw materials, manufacturers of biomass-derived chemicals created…

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Chemical Cluster Emmen

Chemical Cluster Emmen invests half a million in green chemistry

The province of Drenthe, the municipality of Emmen and the SUSPACC business network will invest half…

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ARC CCBC celebrates lab opening in Utrecht

ARC CBBC celebrates lab opening in Utrecht

On February 13, the research institute ARC CBBC opened its first lab in Utrecht. In collaboration…

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