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It is time to put a stop to global warming, by realizing a fully circular economy. Many entrepreneurs have taken the first steps in that direction. The Chemelot Institute for Science and Technology (InSciTe) helps them with making knowledge and pilot facilities available.
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But what contribution can industrial chemistry sites such as Chemelot make to the realization of full circularity, while at the same time keeping the value chains of materials safe? Where exactly do biobased and recycling meet? In which areas do circular materials and circular energy complement each other? What does it take to accelerate to the right transition speed to bridge the Valley of Death?

Marijn Rijkers, Program Director Biobased at the Chemelot Institute for Science and Technology (InSciTe) will be presenting an online masterclass about this subject on Wednesday 9 February, entitled ‘Transition to circular chemicals and materials; What it takes to make it happen. ‘ He discusses his vision and illustrates it with appealing example cases.

The masterclass is publicly accessible via a live stream on Vimeo. Registration is also possible via the Brightlands website, which is necessary to receive additional information and updates.

Image: Media Whalestock / Shutterstock