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“The European bioeconomy needs faster and bolder actions”

The US, India and China are diving fully into the opportunities that biomanufacturing offers for producing…

Pierre Gielen

Fraunhofer foam products

The comeback of biomaterials: a sustainable solution to conventional plastics

Biobased materials and consumer goods have long been a part of our daily lives. From the…

Dàlia Puig

ReThink Waste Challenge kickoff

Discussing our zero waste future with student innovators during the ReThink Waste Challenge

The student teams competing in the ReThink Waste Challenge have received essential advice from industry experts.…

Editorial office


“Everybody wants biobased feedstocks”

Bio-based raw materials already exist and they are emerging. Especially in construction, it is no longer…

Pierre Gielen


“The circular mattress is no longer a dream, the circular polyester textile chain is becoming reality”

Royal Auping will be building a new automated production line for circular customised mattresses in Deventer,…

Pierre Gielen

LEGO Chemie

Scaling up bio-aromatics research and application development with the industry

It was supposed to be a physical meeting place, but the 8th Biorizon Annual Event in…

Pierre Gielen


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Biomass: permanent part of the Dutch energy mix in 2050? 3

More biofuels needed to make Netherlands climate neutral

The Netherlands can be climate neutral by 2050 without adjusting its economic structure, according to new…

Editorial office / The Hague

LignoValue Pilot Plant

VITO expands pilot line for bioaromatics to industrial scale

Roughly a year ago, VITO, a Biorizon partner, inaugurated the first and only pilot line for…

Editorial office / Mol

Nature House Ballast Nedam

Carbon credits trade for biobased building started in the Netherlands

Ballast Nedam Development in the Netherlands is the first construction and development company in the world…

Editorial office / Amsterdam


French artist creates temple out of mycelium

Artist Côme Di Meglio and his team from the French Studio La Succulente has designed the…

Editorial office / Marseille

Biobased and nature inclusive cladding panels

New bio composite cladding panels are form-free, biobased and nature-inclusive

Biocomposite manufacturer NPSP and Studio Marco Vermeulen are developing biobased and nature-inclusive cladding panels for the…

Editorial office / Amsterdam

Windmills in a rape seed field

Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE) becomes MNEXT

The Dutch Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE) has been renamed MNEXT. Under this banner,…

Editorial office / Etten-Leur