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In a rapidly changing world with environmental problems like climate change, pollution and waste, biobased materials are becoming increasingly important. This is partly because traditional raw materials are depleting rapidly, making building materials more expensive. As a response, the construction industry is turning its attention to circular material alternatives, with mycelium bio-composites (MBCs) emerging as one of the most promising fully biodegradable options.

During this Lunch & Learn Fran Ortega Exposito, Researcher Biobased Building at MNEXT, will explore the use of MBCs in construction, specifically as an insulation material. Mythic is a SIA RAAK MKB project which lasted two years, with a focus on exploring growth and technical optimization of the material, prototyping and an economic valuation of the current situation and what the future could be. Results from the project will be presented, and the connection with the current construction industry will be addressed.

Image: MNEXT