Zoomland viaduct: bio-based showcase across the motorway

Zoomland viaduct: bio-based showcase across the motorway

Field voles, pine martens and foxes already know where the Zoomland viaduct is. The Brabant Landscape…

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Hand with coconut husk fibres

Glueless biobased building boards from pruning waste

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research in The Netherlands has developed a Binderless technology to make building…

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Natural Pavilion

Award for biobased pavilion at Floriade Almere, The Netherlands

The Natural Pavilion and Exploded View Beyond Building won the 'Gold Award Indoor - Dutch Innovation…

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CarbonBuilt concrete blocks

Concrete stores CO2 thanks to green cement

The CO2 footprint of concrete can be halved thanks to an invention by researchers at the…

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Dort,mund Cityscape

Decarbonizing the EU building stock–how are we doing?

Nearly all EU member states envision a carbon-neutral building stock as part of their 2050 targets.…

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House on fire

Biobased building materials safer in case of fire

Biobased insulation materials are safe, calculable and sustainable. They score high with a controllable fire behaviour…

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Exploded View in Design Museum Ghent

Exploded View on display at Design Museum Ghent

The Exploded View can now be visited free of charge at Design Museum Ghent (Belgium) until…

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