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Rudy Folkersma in ‘Basic Principles of Polymer Technology’

“Exciting programme about sustainable plastics”

Sustainable plastics are becoming increasingly more important in reducing CO2 emissions and environmental pollution. That makes…

Pierre Gielen

Composite bridge

Wind turbines: bridge to and from the future

Since 2009, Eemshaven has been one of the most important offshore wind ports along the North…

‘Consider plastics from a fundamentally different perspective’

‘Consider plastics from a fundamentally different perspective’

‘We need to consider plastics from a fundamentally different perspective. Not as waste but as man-made…

Pierre Gielen

New opportunities for PHA

New opportunities for PHA

The market for polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) is booming. Worldwide there are only a handful of manufacturers who…

Pierre Gielen

Thalles and Tielly in the BBE lab

New developments in the field of PHA

Sewage water and sludge are raw materials for the production of PHA: biodegradable biopolymers made by…

Pierre Gielen

Purple LEDs

Chemport Connect connects bio-economy experts

The Northern Netherlands is a prime location for the development of biopolymers, green chemistry and circular…

Pierre Gielen


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Carbon2Polymers installation Covestro

Covestro turns steel gases into sustainable plastics

German plastics company Covestro has started up a mini-plant at its Dormagen site to research the…

Editorial office / Dormagen


BioSAPS develops biobased and biodegradable superabsorbing polymers

In the last decades, rapid progress was made in the field of superabsorbent polymers/hydrogels (SAP) because…

Editorial office / Antwerp


Students in the north get acquainted with circular plastics

NHL Stenden in Emmen and the Hochschule OsnabrĂźck in Lingen have jointly launched a project in…

Editorial office / Lingen

New opportunities for PHA

Northern companies launching into the PHA market

The market for PHAs is booming and that offers opportunities for companies in the northern regions…

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Working together on a green future for the Northern Netherlands 1

Working together on a green future for the Northern Netherlands

Greening and local production are indispensable for a sustainable recovery after corona. Businesses in the Northern…

Editorial office / Groningen

Yellow liquid in pipet test tubes

Toyochem launches new biodegradable polyurethane adhesive

Toyochem Co., Ltd., a member of the Toyo Ink Group of Japan, has developed a new…

Editorial office / Japan