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‘People make the biobased economy future-proof’

The transition to a circular bio-based economy makes high demands on the knowledge of current and…

Pierre Gielen

Thalles and Tielly in the BBE lab

New developments in the field of PHA

Sewage water and sludge are raw materials for the production of PHA: biodegradable biopolymers made by…

Pierre Gielen

BAC Breda

Confusion about biodegradability of bioplastics

What is biologically degradable, or biodegradable plastic? Is that the same as compostable? And does this…

Pierre Gielen



Natural colourants for bio-plastics

Turmeric is a well-known spice in oriental cuisine; it is mainly used in curry. But it…

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Sustainable fashion from the sea

Sustainable fashion from the sea

The clothing industry causes 8% of all CO2 emissions worldwide: more than all aviation and shipping…

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Stamp Bio Sourced

Dutch Database of Biobased Products

Procurement officials from large and small organizations will soon be able to use an independent Dutch…

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Pyrolysis oil better applicable due to lower acidity

Pyrolysis oil better applicable due to lower acidity

Pyrolysis oil from biomass has the potential to replace fossil transport fuels. This sustainable transition has…

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Han van Osch

CoEBBE wants to become an international centre of expertise

The Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE-BBE) of the Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences Avans and…

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