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The Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy is organising a webinar on natural colourants for bioplastics on 20 April. Specifically, it will focus on turmeric.

Synthetic dyes for plastics are often toxic and poorly degradable. Even if they were applied in biobased or biodegradable plastics, harmful substances would remain behind, reducing the amount of waste plastics that can be recycled or composted.

The Interreg Northwest Europe project CurCol aims to change this by investigating the production and application of natural turmeric-based colourants in bioplastics and paper packaging. The project and its results will be highlighted during the webinar.

Image: mirzamlk/Shutterstock

15:00 Introduction of the CurCol project by Han van Kasteren, Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy
15:15 Biobased polymers: properties, opportunities and challenges by Isabel de Schrijver, Centexbel
15:30 Biobased and biodegradable solutions from side-stream valorization: starch based bioplastics by Thijs Rodenburg, Rodenburg Biopolymers
15:50 Colorants for plastics: from masterbatch to sustainable product by Patrik Rohrer, DeltaQ
16:10 Progress, current state and future work on the optimization of colorants from curcumin by Kees Kruithof, Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy
16:30 Discussion
17:00 Closure