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The Dutch Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE) has been renamed MNEXT. Under this banner, Avans University of Applied Sciences and HZ University will work on several themes within the broad energy and materials transition. This was announced on Thursday (15 June) during the Future Rethinkers conference in Etten Leur, The Netherlands.
Editorial office / Etten-Leur

CoE BBE was established 10 years ago by the two South-West Netherlands universities of applied sciences in order to work with SMEs on the biobased side of the materials transition. The challenge of replacing fossil raw materials with raw materials of biogenic origin overlaps in many aspects with those of the energy transition and the circular economy as a whole: helping society move away from fossil fuels, towards renewability, reducing waste, lowering emissions and increasing sustainability. The materials and energy transitions both aim for such a sustainable future and are technically interconnected.

MNEXT seizes the opportunity to jointly accelerate these transitions. By carrying out practice-oriented research with students, teachers and researchers, MNEXT wants to work with SMEs to form the bridge between innovation and (future) society. Students are part of this. They are the real Future Rethinkers; they will make the true difference, with a new way of thinking. Rethink the Future, again and again in this ever-changing world.

Biobased remains important

This does not mean that MNEXT is now looking away from the focus that has been central to CoE BBE for the past 10 years. The biobased materials transition remains important. The current portfolio of 5 biobased professorships and 1 Smart Energy professorship will therefore remain in place and will soon be reinforced with at least 2 professorships conducting research on the energy transition. Synergy is also being sought between the two transitions. Solar panels made of biobased materials? Who knows.

For more information, visit the new MNEXT website.

Image: windmills in a rapeseed field, clean energy and renewable feedstocks (Animaflora PicsStock/Shutterstock)