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Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) has signed its first grant agreements with 21 project teams that will develop new biobased products and materials, establish first-of-their-kind production facilities and innovate biobased industries’ processes. This means that 293 beneficiaries from 27 countries across the EU and beyond will receive a total of €116 million in CBE JU funding.
Editorial office / Brussels

The new projects will boost the competitiveness and increase the resilience of Europe’s biobased economy by making use of the often-underutilised resources to produce consumer products and industrial solutions to replace fossil-based ones. This will reduce the EU’s reliance on strategic imports and create new value chains, business opportunities and green jobs, particularly in rural areas.

For example:

  • SUSTAINEXT will turn an existing production plant into a circular biorefinery that will produce healthy plant-based extracts for food, food supplements, animal feed, fertiliser, cosmetics and chemicals. The biorefinery will create jobs in Extremadura, a rural region of Spain.
  • ROBOCOOP-EU and BRILIAN, with €4.7 million and €4.8 million funding respectively, will tap into agricultural waste streams to develop new cooperative regional business models. This will offer new commercial opportunities in rural areas, leading to job creation and a more diverse biobased product portfolio.

See the CBE JU website for more information and an overview of all funded projects.

Image: Anton Balazh/Shutterstock