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Grant agreements have been signed for 18 new projects selected for funding under the 2020 BBI JU Call for proposals. 199 Beneficiaries from 26 countries across the continent will benefit from BBI JU funding to build circular and sustainable bio-based industries in Europe.
Editorial office / Brussels

The new projects will produce bio-based materials for a wide range of applications and support digital connectivity to improve resource management and biomass availability. Three flagship projects will receive €45.2 million to support the development of the European bio-based economy and create green jobs in Europe by building first-of-their-kind biorefineries:

  • VIOBOND will build a profitable plant to produce bio-based resin at an industrial scale and replace fossil-based chemicals in products such as plywood and sandpaper.
  • SCALE will build a biorefinery to exploit components derived from microalgae to produce highly nutritional ingredients and materials for cosmetics.
  • CIRCULAR BIOCARBON will convert the organic fraction of municipal wastes by turning them into bio-based fertilisers and bioplastics.

Four Demonstration Actions, obtaining almost €24 million, will establish demo-scale production facilities in Europe. Seven Research & Innovation Actions will receive €30.4 million to exploit new technologies and narrow the gaps within value chains. Four Coordination and Support Actions, holding nearly €5 million of BBI JU funding, will address challenges in the bioeconomy to accelerate the market uptake of bio-based products.

This is the seventh and last BBI JU call which will bring the total investment of the initiative to €821.6 million and the BBI JU’s portfolio to 142 projects. This year, Central and Eastern European countries were significantly engaged.

More information and the full list of projects can be found on the BBI JU website.

Image: StevanZZ/Shutterstock