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Dirk Carrez

Growing interest in bio-based market applications … let’s continue the support

27 / 09 / 2019

It has often been argued that a lack of demand-side policies such as no dedicated framework…

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Lambert van Nistelrooij

Biobased: from niche to norm

15 / 12 / 2016

I was a guest speaker at the EU conference ‘The Role of the Regions in the…

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Marcel Lubben

Bio-based economy – no place for IP battles

27 / 01 / 2016

Our emerging bio-based industry needs to move from niche to mainstream. What we certainly don’t need is…



“New bio-based products are added every day”

The Dutch National Biobased Products Procurement Database, also known as the Biobased Products Database (BBPD), was…

Pierre Gielen

Lady bug on corn

BIC launches joint Vision for a European circular bio-society

‘In the circular bio-society, informed citizens choose more sustainable means to live and acknowledge and benefit…

Pierre Gielen


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Avantium to convert CO2 into consumer products via electrochemistry

Avantium NV from the Netherlands has received a € 3 million grant from the EU Horizon…

Editorial office / Amsterdam

Biobased cosmetics

BIOSWITCH closes successful project with presentation and training

A successful biobased economy is not only built on technology, but especially on consumer confidence in…

Editorial office / Brussels

Biobased inkopen mockup

Producers join platform

Producers of biobased products in The Netherlands have immediate access to the supplier portal on the…

Editorial office / Breda

Europe seen from space

Bioeconomy can help Europe become more self-sufficient

The bio-based industry and the bio-economy can play an important role in making Europe more self-sufficient.…

Editorial office / Brussels

Biobased inkoopdatabase

National Biobased Procurement Database is growing

The Dutch National Biobased Procurement Database has been online for several weeks now at Dozens…

Editorial office / 's-Hertogenbosch

Biowaste, organic waste

Presentation and coaching sessions Tech4Biowaste database

The Tech4Biowaste database is looking for innovators who want to showcase their technologies for bio-waste conversion.…

Editorial office / Brussels