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Dirk Carrez

Growing interest in bio-based market applications … let’s continue the support

27 / 09 / 2019

It has often been argued that a lack of demand-side policies such as no dedicated framework…

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Lambert van Nistelrooij

Biobased: from niche to norm

15 / 12 / 2016

I was a guest speaker at the EU conference ‘The Role of the Regions in the…

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Marcel Lubben

Bio-based economy – no place for IP battles

27 / 01 / 2016

Our emerging bio-based industry needs to move from niche to mainstream. What we certainly don’t need is…



“Everybody wants biobased feedstocks”

Bio-based raw materials already exist and they are emerging. Especially in construction, it is no longer…

Pierre Gielen


“New bio-based products are added every day”

The Dutch National Biobased Products Procurement Database, also known as the Biobased Products Database (BBPD), was…

Pierre Gielen

Lady bug on corn

BIC launches joint Vision for a European circular bio-society

‘In the circular bio-society, informed citizens choose more sustainable means to live and acknowledge and benefit…

Pierre Gielen


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Adam Burja, Head of Biotechnology, Science & Research, dsm-firmenich

European biomanufacturing needs more room to grow

Europe has a critical shortage of growth capacity for biomanufacturing new biobased products. "There is a…

Pierre Gielen / Rotterdam

Rethink Waste Challenge

Human capital indispensable for scaling up biobased production

Over the past 30 years, WUR has co-developed many new circular products. Many of these are…

Editorial office / Wageningen

The bioeconomy towards 2050

BIC launches awareness campaign on importance of biobased

The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) is launching a social media campaign called #BetterwithBiobased in April, writes…

Editorial office / Brussels

DEEP PURPLE: purple phototrophic bacteria

Urban biorefineries turn waste into biomaterials

Urban waste streams often contain a large amount of materials of biological origin, such as mixed…

Editorial office / Brussels

Girl with US flag in a corn field

First National Biobased Products Day in the US

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has designated 8 March as 'National Biobased Products Day': an…

Editorial office / Washington

Biowaste, organic waste

Presentation and showcase Tech4Biowaste

The Tech4Biowaste database will be showcased online by its developers on 30 March 2023. This is…

Editorial office / Brussels


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