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The CBE JU Programme Office has selected 21 proposals to receive a total of nearly €120 million CBE JU funding. Grant agreements with the successful candidates are expected to be signed by the end of May 2023.
Editorial office / Brussels

The first CBE JU call invited project proposals across 12 different topics, with the objective to advance competitive circular bio-based industries in Europe, as well as develop new circular and sustainable products and solutions for the market. 125 Proposals were submitted to this call, requesting more than €600 million in funding.

Independent evaluators from all over Europe selected from the Horizon Europe expert database supported the CBE JU Programme Office in the evaluation. Based on the results and available CBE JU budget, 21 of them have been selected for funding: two innovation actions – flagships, eight innovation actions, ten research & innovation actions and one coordination & support action.

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Image: ixpert/Shutterstock