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The greenification and digitalisation of the chemical industry is at the heart of the EU Chemical Industry Transition Pathway, published last week by the European Commission. It is a concrete roadmap, describing the green and digital (twin) transition of the chemical industry in Europe for the coming years.
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The Transition Pathway puts together all the pieces of the EU legislative agenda in Europe. In fact, it consists of realising four ambitions: circularity, digitalisation, climate neutrality and more safe/sustainable chemicals.


The Transition Pathway for the European chemical industry was co-developed, along with EU Member States, the chemical industry itself, social partners, NGOs and academia. It results in a group of topics and actions to be implemented by each of the involved actors. By implementing these actions the chemical sector is expected to succeed in its twin transition and improve its own resilience, sustainability and ‘circularity’ in line with the European Green Deal.

“The successful implementation of this Pathway will define the future of our industry in Europe for the coming decades,” says Martin Brudermüller, President of Cefic and CEO of BASF. “We stand ready to work with the European Commission and Member State governments to help make this happen.”

Biggest transformation

The chemical is facing its biggest transformation in the industry’s history as it goes climate neutral, circular, digital while shifting to safe and sustainable chemicals. Going climate neutral by 2050 will require breakthrough innovations, radical changes in production processes and massive amounts of renewable electricity. Industry will have to say goodbye to persistent toxic substances and finite materials and ensure that newly produced materials are recyclable. To make new materials, waste recycling must be accelerated, as must the capture and reuse of carbon oxides as feedstock and the use of biomass residual streams in biobased chemistry.

On 2 February, the European Chemical Industry Interest Group (Cefic) and the European Commission are organising a discussion on the Transition Pathway. The event can be followed online after registration.

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