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Circular Industry Roundtable

Circular round table on best practices from the Delta region

Circular biobased entrepreneurship offers opportunities for economic growth and reduction of CO2 emissions. This was demonstrated…

Pierre Gielen

Willem Sederel

2022 will be year of change for Circular Biobased Delta

In the new year, Circular Biobased Delta (CBBD) will enter a decisive phase: 2022 is to…

Pierre Gielen

Green Chemistry vector

Green chemistry from biomass

Discussions about the sustainability of woody biomass, which have been taking place in the Netherlands for…

Pierre Gielen

The Circular Plastics Conference 2021

Sustainable alternatives for polyacrylic acid

Polyacrylic acid (also known as Carbomer) is a versatile polymer. It is used, for example, as…

Pierre Gielen


Getting the maximum value out of biobased feedstock

Biorefining is the way to get maximum value out of biobased raw materials and to close…

Pierre Gielen

Farmer holding sugar beet

Sugar as the ideal bio-feedstock for the chemical industry

IST Green Chemicals has advanced plans for a plant in Terneuzen in the Province of Zeeland…

Pierre Gielen


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Partnerschap is getekend

Holland Circular Hotspot and Chemport Europe/Groningen Seaports join forces

Holland Circular Hotspot and Chemport Europe/Groningen Seaports have agreed on a strategic partnership to strengthen the…

Editorial office / Groningen


Renewable jet fuel from agricultural residues

The European HIGFLY project will develop a new generation of technologies for producing advanced renewable jet…

Editorial office / Eindhoven

Biochemistry, blue

Breakthrough in safe and circular performance materials

Researchers in the European CHAMPION project have succeeded in developing new biobased materials for coatings, glues…

Editorial office / Wageningen

Man working in lab

Alteqo produces biobased solvents in Delfzijl

Alteqo has opened a production facility in Chemical Park Delfzijl (the Northern Netherlands) that can produce…

Editorial office / Delfzijl

Claude Grison

European Inventor Award for metal-eating plants that make green chemistry

French researcher Claude Grison has developed a method of using plants to extract metal elements from…

Editorial office / Montpellier

Carlsberg Fibre Bottle

Carlsberg signs off-take agreement for PEF

Carlsberg Group and Avantium have signed an agreement to purchase a fixed quantity of PEF (polyethylene…

Editorial office / Amsterdam