Hands holding biomass

‘Central authority for the use of biofeedstock’

Sixteen organisations operating in the Dutch bioeconomy have signed a joint letter to the prime minister…

Pierre Gielen

‘Hydrogen key to the chemical industry in the Northern Netherlands’

‘Hydrogen key to the chemical industry in the Northern Netherlands’

The Northern Netherlands intends to produce billions of cubic metres of hydrogen. It intends to do…

Pierre Gielen

Chemistry Park Delfzijl

North Netherlands aims to close green cycles

The northern region of the Netherlands is the region where green chemistry is most clearly anchored…

Pierre Gielen

Plant in test tube

Knowledge drives the biobased chemical industry in the North

North Netherlands truly excels at green chemistry. The foundation of this is formed by an extensive…

Pierre Gielen


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Bill Gates

Bill Gates raises $1 billion for clean energy

Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), the clean-tech venture capital fund led by Bill Gates, has raised $1…

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Coal fired power station

Germany switched back to coal

In the first half of 2021, coal was once again the most important source of energy…

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Dort,mund Cityscape

Decarbonizing the EU building stock–how are we doing?

Nearly all EU member states envision a carbon-neutral building stock as part of their 2050 targets.…

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Hydrogen storage tanks

VDL and partners develop affordable electrolyser

Together with regional partners, the industrial company VDL is developing an electrolysis device that should make…

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Q13a Platform

PosHYdon starts green hydrogen production in the North Sea

Neptune Energy announced to move forward with the PosHYdon project, the world's first offshore green hydrogen…

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The monumental oak of Stelmule Lithuania

Lithuania sets records with rapid energy transition

Lithuania's ancient and vast forests are the scene of one of Europe's fastest and most extensive…

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