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German energy company LEAG has reactivated a coal-fired power plant shut down five years ago as energy demand grows due to the cold weather in northern Europe. It concerns the lignite fired power plant in Jänschwalde, 100 kilometers southeast of Berlin.
Editorial office / Jänschwalde

Last year, the supply of Russian gas was stopped. In addition, all German nuclear power plants were shut down this spring at the insistence of the political party Die Grünen. As a result, supply shortages in the winter months and sharp price increases for consumers are looming.

A second German coal-fired power plant may now also be connected to the grid. These measures limit the energy shortage and price increases. However, they do lead to additional CO2 and sulfur emissions. Lignite is known as one of the most polluting fossil fuels. Earlier this year, thousands of people protested against RWE’s surface mining of lignite in Hambach, Rheinland-Pfalz.

Image: guentermanaus/Shutterstock