Coal fired power plant in Germany

German energy company LEAG turns coal-fired power plant back on

German energy company LEAG has reactivated a coal-fired power plant shut down five years ago as…

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Lawrence Livermore nuclear fusion experiment

Nuclear fusion yields more energy than went into it

Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, US, have succeeded in carrying out a…

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Nuclear power plant

Gas and nuclear power ‘green’ after all

Natural gas and nuclear power are now considered 'sustainable energy' in the EU after all. The…

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Nuclear power plant in the Ardeche, France

‘Investments in nuclear power and natural gas are green too’

France wants to include nuclear energy in the EU Taxonomy framework of sustainable investments. Germany is…

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Nuclear fusion reactor

Nuclear fusion reactor viable by 2030

US-based TAE Technologies says it will have a commercially viable nuclear fusion power plant in operation…

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Nuclear power plant and a rapeseed field

‘Nuclear power helps achieve sustainable energy goals’

'Alongside renewables, nuclear energy can make a significant contribution to achieving sustainable energy goals and enhancing…

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