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France wants to include nuclear energy in the EU Taxonomy framework of sustainable investments. Germany is fiercely opposed. Until now, Finland was the only supporter, but France has formed a coalition with Eastern European countries that also want to label natural gas as 'green', the Dutch newspaper FD reports.
Editorial office / Brussels

On 7 December, the European Council is expected to vote on the legislative proposal. It is intended to make the financial sector greener by unambiguously identifying sustainable investments that are favoured by investors. However, the credibility of the taxonomy is at stake. If a majority votes against it, the law will not be passed.

Investing in gas does not by definition have to be polluting, says the Dutch Euro MP Bas van Eickhout (GroenLinks). He refers to the necessary investments in the Dutch gas infrastructure to make the natural gas pipelines suitable for hydrogen.

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Image: Nuclear power plant in the Ardeche, France, by Ian_Stewart/Shutterstock