Syngip: isobutene from syngas

Syngip: isobutene from syngas

It is roughly a matter of two to three years when bacteria will be able to convert…

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Coal fired power plant in Germany

German energy company LEAG turns coal-fired power plant back on

German energy company LEAG has reactivated a coal-fired power plant shut down five years ago as…

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Smoking chimney

Over € 8 billion in public money spent each year on fossil industry

The Dutch government subsidizes large fossil fuel companies with € 8.3 billion per year for the…

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Frans Timmermans

Industry lobby fingerprints all over the European Green Deal

The fingerprints of industry, and in particular the fossil fuel industry, can be seen all over…

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Blue flame on a gas stove

‘European renewable gas targets can save billions of Euros’

Gas for Climate, a consortium of seven European gas transport companies and two organizations in the…

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