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Coal fired power plant in Germany

German energy company LEAG turns coal-fired power plant back on

German energy company LEAG has reactivated a coal-fired power plant shut down five years ago as…

Editorial office / Jänschwalde

EV's good for the planet?

Car makers push for solid state batteries

Electric cars are known for their comparatively large carbon footprint. Culprits are the lithium-ion batteries. They…

Editorial office / Antwerp

Electricity grid

TenneT doubles investments in Dutch electricity grid

Grid operator TenneT has invested €3.5 billion in grid expansions and replacements in The Netherlands, in…

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Lighter batteries with more capacity on the way

Energy from wind or solar is cheap but not always available. Therefore, electricity storage is crucial…

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Electric vehicle

‘Used EV batteries goldmine for the Flemish economy’

Used electric car batteries are a potential goldmine for the Flemish economy. This is the conclusion…

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Electricity grid workers

Electricity grid in the Northern Netherlands to reach limits soon

The process of making industry in the Northern Netherlands more sustainable through electrification will soon create…

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