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Grid operator TenneT has invested €3.5 billion in grid expansions and replacements in The Netherlands, in the first half of 2023 - almost twice as much as in the same period last year. The grid operator announced this when presenting its half-year figures for 2023.
Editorial office / Arnhem

With this, TenneT is meeting political and its own intrinsic ambitions to advance the energy transition in the Netherlands and Germany. CEO Manon van Beek: “With hundreds of projects that we will realise now and in the next two decades on land and at sea, we are working on the electricity system of the future. TenneT has a clear end goal in sight: Target Grid 2045. We are working to achieve economies of scale, innovate together with market players, cooperate internationally and need long-term infrastructure planning supported by the government. All this is essential to make a carbon-neutral energy system feasible and affordable for households, industry, our suppliers and contractors and TenneT itself.”

TenneT again achieved a high grid availability of 99.99997%. Underlying operating profit increased by €351 million to €930 million. The grid operator says international cooperation is indispensable in the energy transition, especially for offshore wind.

Read more about the Target Grid 2025 and financial results on TenneT’s website.

Image: urbans/Shutterstock