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Delft-based has been awarded a €1.98 million grant from the European Just Transition Fund (JTF) to build an advanced fuel cell system manufacturing plant in the Netherlands.
Editorial office / Delft

The plant will be located in the Greater Rijnmond region (Rotterdam and surrounding areas) and will produce around 1,000 fully integrated hydrogen fuel cell modules per year. It will create around 100 sustainable jobs in the regional hydrogen sector. By focusing on the production of their emission-free fuel cell systems, contributes to the region’s ambitious goal of becoming the European hydrogen hub.

zepp hydrogen truck

The company’s drop-in modules efficiently convert hydrogen gas into high-voltage electrical power, which can be used to power vehicles, ships or other heavy machinery. Thanks to an impressive power density, each of the systems can completely replace a polluting diesel engine. This results in a reduction of 111 to 332 tonnes of CO2 emissions per system each year. Current applications include the Rotterdam Water Taxi, excavators for the construction industry and a 67-metre barge. The first two trucks with zepp’s fuel cell systems will hit the road this year. was founded in 2017 as a spin-off of TU Delft’s hydrogen racing team ‘Forze’. The European Union’s Just Transition Fund promotes regional economic sustainability without negative impact on employment. It was created by the European Commission to contribute to a fair transition to a climate-neutral Europe in regions currently heavily dependent on fossil energy.

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