Hendrik van der Ploeg

GETEC PARK.EMMEN has a ‘hydrogen train’ station

Traditional textile yarns have not been made here for a long time, but GETEC PARK.EMMEN (GPE)…

Pierre Gielen

Rob Vasbinder

Green hydrogen from pruning waste and roadside grass

Green hydrogen and biomethane will become indispensable energy carriers in the future carbon-free economy. The Dutch…

Pierre Gielen

‘Hydrogen key to the chemical industry in the Northern Netherlands’

‘Hydrogen key to the chemical industry in the Northern Netherlands’

The Northern Netherlands intends to produce billions of cubic metres of hydrogen. It intends to do…

Pierre Gielen


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Industrial pipelines

‘New pipelines Antwerp – Geleen – Ruhr indispensable for climate and energy transition’

Belgian chemical and life sciences sector federation essenscia stresses the urgent need for an underground route…

Editorial office / Antwerp

MoU-VAE-Netherlands-Green hydrogen

Abu Dhabi to export green hydrogen to the Netherlands

United Arab Emirates energy company Masdar, Port of Amsterdam, SkyNRG, Evos Amsterdam and Zenith Energy from…

Editorial office / Abu Dhabi

Hydrogen storage tanks

Netherlands global leader in hydrogen patents

Dutch companies are in the European top three applications for patents for green hydrogen technology. This…

Editorial office / The Hague

Airbus zero emission aircraft engine

Airbus is working on zero-emission aircraft engines

Flying with zero emissions? By 2035 it will be possible, according to Airbus. The company revealed…

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Breakthrough in electrolyser development

Green hydrogen plays a crucial role in the transition from fossil to renewable energy. However, producing…

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Essenscia Award 2022

Agfa-Gevaert’s membrane technology makes producing green hydrogen more efficient

Imaging specialist and specialty chemicals company Agfa-Gevaert in Mortsel (B) has won the essenscia Innovation Award…

Editorial office / Brussels