Hendrik van der Ploeg

GETEC PARK.EMMEN has a ‘hydrogen train’ station

Traditional textile yarns have not been made here for a long time, but GETEC PARK.EMMEN (GPE)…

Pierre Gielen

Rob Vasbinder

Green hydrogen from pruning waste and roadside grass

Green hydrogen and biomethane will become indispensable energy carriers in the future carbon-free economy. The Dutch…

Pierre Gielen

‘Hydrogen key to the chemical industry in the Northern Netherlands’

‘Hydrogen key to the chemical industry in the Northern Netherlands’

The Northern Netherlands intends to produce billions of cubic metres of hydrogen. It intends to do…

Pierre Gielen


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Toyota Hydrogen Truck

Toyota Hydrogen Factory is scaling up European activities

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) will establish a local business operation, the Hydrogen Factory Europe. It will…

Editorial office / Brussels fuelcell factory

JTF: €2 million for a new fuel cell plant in Rotterdam region

Delft-based has been awarded a €1.98 million grant from the European Just Transition Fund (JTF)…

Editorial office / Delft

Battolyser 1 at RWE power plant Eemshaven

Battolyser makes battery that produces green hydrogen

Dutch start-up Battolyser Systems, a spin-off from TU Delft, is developing an integrated battery and electrolysis…

Editorial office / 's-Hertogenbosch

Tanks for storing hydrogen

Biohydrogen can decarbonise European hydrogen production

The industry body European Biogas Association (EBA) has published a white paper this week on the…

Editorial office / Brussels


US National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap released

The Biden-Harris Administration has released the U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap last week. It…

Editorial office / Washington


Eni and RINA aim to decarbonise shipping faster

RINA, an international company specialising in inspection, certification and engineering consultancy, and Eni have signed an…

Editorial office / Italy