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Airbus zero emission aircraft engine

Airbus is working on zero-emission aircraft engines

Flying with zero emissions? By 2035 it will be possible, according to Airbus. The company revealed…

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Future climate catastrophe almost unavoidable

Global greenhouse gas emissions remain far too high to meet the Paris climate targets. Catastrophic consequences…

Editorial office / New York

Bugaboo stroller

Bugaboo introduces first bio-based stroller portfolio

Bugaboo has introduced a new stroller portfolio made from bio-based materials. To make this possible, Bugaboo…

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“Without further investments we will miss the zero emission target”

“Without further investments in the bioeconomy, the net zero emission target will not be met”. Data…

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Shell Moerdijk

Shell to invest billions in making Chemicals Park Moerdijk more sustainable

Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk announced plans to become a chemical park with zero net CO2 emissions…

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HAPPS vliegtuig op groene waterstof

World’s first green hydrogen-powered plane ‘made in Holland’

The Dutch consortium HAPSS wants to build a commercial passenger aircraft that uses liquid green hydrogen…

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