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The Commission has published its assessment of EU Member States' draft National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) this week. It concludes that the climate targets, as well as those for the energy transition and carbon storage in materials, for example, will not be met. If all plans are implemented 100%, a gap of a few percent remains to be closed on all issues.
Editorial office / Brussels

The European Commission also notices that member states pay little attention to the social, economic and financial dimensions of their plans. Energy poverty in particular gets little attention. Action is needed to ensure that vulnerable citizens are not left behind in the various transitions, the Commission argues.

The deadline for submitting final plans is 30 June 2024. Currently, 3 out of 28 European member states have submitted their preliminary plans late, including Belgium. Another 3 have not submitted any plans at all.

For more information, visit the European Commission’s website.

Image: Ugis Riba/Shutterstock