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Dirk Carrez

Getting the public invested in the bio-based industries by raising awareness

22 / 08 / 2022

With record-breaking heatwaves across Europe this summer, the focus on climate change and the need to…

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Dirk Carrez

EU Bioeconomy Strategy Progress Report outlines the contribution of the bio-based industry

15 / 06 / 2022

The European Commission recently published the Bioeconomy Strategy Progress Report (09/06/22) to track the progress of…

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Marco Rupp

The bio-economy has all the ingredients

01 / 04 / 2022

The war in Ukraine has sharpened European leaders’ focus on finding the best way to build…


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Green investments

First ‘CBE JU call’: 125 project proposals submitted totalling €600 million

The Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking, CBE JU has received 125 project proposals by the 22…

Editorial office / Brussels

Brussel by night

One month left to submit CBE JU project proposals

There is still one month left to submit project proposals for the Circular Bio-based Economy Joint…

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EUBCE 2023 live in Bologna, Italy

After two editions held in an online-only-format, the next, 31st EU Biomassa Conference and Expo (EUBCE)…

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Plant growing on banknotes

CBE JU publishes first call for project proposals

The Circular Bio-Based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) has published its first call for project proposals.…

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The bioeconomy towards 2050

‘Biobased industries should be part of European geopolitical strategy’

The biobased industries should become an indispensable part of the EU's geopolitical strategy, according to Dirk…

Editorial office / Brussels

Brussels European Quarter

CBE JU work programme 2022: €120 million for biobased projects

CBE JU has published its Annual Work Programme, including information about the 2022 call for project…

Editorial office / Brussels


EUBCE 2023

Metropolitan City of Bologna,