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Dirk Carrez

Getting the public invested in the bio-based industries by raising awareness

22 / 08 / 2022

With record-breaking heatwaves across Europe this summer, the focus on climate change and the need to…

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Dirk Carrez

EU Bioeconomy Strategy Progress Report outlines the contribution of the bio-based industry

15 / 06 / 2022

The European Commission recently published the Bioeconomy Strategy Progress Report (09/06/22) to track the progress of…

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Marco Rupp

The bio-economy has all the ingredients

01 / 04 / 2022

The war in Ukraine has sharpened European leaders’ focus on finding the best way to build…


Kelp seaweed forest underwater

The future of marine and aquatic biomass in Europe

When the Bio-based Industries Consortium was launched in 2012, marine and aquatic biomass was barely discussed.…

Pierre Gielen


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Electrochemistry, spark from leads

€1.5 million for sustainable plastics from CO2

Avantium nv, a leading technology provider in sustainable chemistry, will receive a €1.5 million grant from…

Editorial office / Amsterdam

Ecover cleaning products from food waste

Ecover presents 97% biobased cleaning products

Cleaning with leftovers from wasted food; it can be done with the new line of cleaning…

Editorial office / Ghent

Plant growing on banknotes

Second Call CBE JU opened: €215.5 million for biobased projects

The Circular Bio-Based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) has published its second call for project proposals.…

Editorial office / Brussels

Photocamera close-up

New CBE JU photo competition

After two years, Circular Biobased Europe (CBE JU) is organising another photo competition for project partners…

Editorial office / Brussels

Circular Europe

Registration opened for CBE JU Info Day

CBE JU's Call for Proposals 2023 is open. European consortia of companies and knowledge institutions can…

Editorial office / Brussels

Europe seen from space

CBE JU grants €120 million funding for first 21 projects

The CBE JU Programme Office has selected 21 proposals to receive a total of nearly €120…

Editorial office / Brussels


CBE JU Info Day 2023

European Commission Charlemagne building (CHAR), Bruxelles

EUBCE 2023

Metropolitan City of Bologna,