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The European Commission recently published the Bioeconomy Strategy Progress Report (09/06/22) to track the progress of the EU’s 2018 Bioeconomy Strategy. As Executive Director of BIC, the private partner in the EU’s public-private partnership for growing and promoting the bio-based industries, it was good see that the report highlights the new partnership – the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU). The CBE JU plays an important role in strengthening the substitution of fossil-based products with renewable raw materials, products and fuels, and scaling up the bio-based sectors.
Dirk Carrez

Europe’s bio-based sector has a turnover of 700 billion EUR and employs 3.6 million people. The report draws attention to the bio-based sector as being well-positioned to contribute to closing the ‘biomass gap’ between supply and demand of biomass for food, materials and energy. This is of particular concern for the EU right now, with the need to become more self-sufficient in a greener way, due to the disruptions caused by the war in Ukraine.

However, the benefits of bioeconomy, including the bio-based industry in general, and bio-based products and processes in particular, need better recognition in EU policy as an important tool for achieving the aim of becoming the first climate neutral continent. While the sector continues to grow at a fast pace, the EU has not yet reaped the full range of benefits which the bioeconomy offers.

Making progress with the Bioeconomy Strategy will require a stronger recognition of our sector as being an enabler for meeting objectives relating to EU competitiveness and sustainability in various policies initiatives such as the EU Green Deal; Horizon Europe, EU Industrial Strategy, Chemical Strategy for Sustainability; Farm to Fork and the EU Taxonomy. To strengthen the resilience of the European economy, the bio-based industries should be made an indispensable part of the EU’s geopolitical strategy.

CBE JU shows that private companies are committed to investing in circular and innovative bio-based solutions in Europe, paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient future.