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This summer the BIOCIRCULARITIES project is coming behind your screen with a series of three exclusive webinars. The first and second were on 28 June and 4 July respectively. The third and final one on 13 September will highlight the journey of the three pilot territories.

Follow the pilot territories – the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, the Metropolitan City of Naples and the Province of Pazardzhik – on their journey to new value-chains and get a taste of the experience they gained during the project. In this episode, you will hear about a variety of topics, such as how local stakeholders were involved in the process, and how the scientific work of BIOCIRCULARITIES partners supported the local discussions.

Earlier episodes were about supporting local players with the transition to circular bioeconomy, lifting the current barriers (1) and identifying the most promising biocircular technological options, the BIOCIRCULARCITIES Webtool in action (2).

Image: Strelcha, Pazardzhik region (Bulgarije) – one of the 3 project partners – stoyanh/Shutterstock