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This summer the European BIOCIRCULARCITIES project -financed by CBE JU- is coming behind your screen with a series of exclusive webinars.

Eager to adopt the approach followed by the BIOCIRCULARCITIES pilots and spread a circular bioeconomy in your territory? The BIOCIRCULARCITIES partners will tell you all about the project, its development, and findings in these three webinars.

On June 28, Episode 1 will be about supporting local players with the transition to circular bioeconomy, and lifting the current barriers.

This first episode of the BIOCIRCULARCITIES Trilogy unveils the story behind the success of the project or how partners supported a transition of the pilot territories toward circular bioeconomy through a collaborative approach. Partners invite you to reflect on the development of BIOCIRCULARCITIES over its two years of existence and will share with you the key findings.

Image: Barcelona (Spain) – one of the 3 project partners – Vunav/Shutterstock