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Marcus Remmers

Letā€™s move forward with bio-based plastics!

12 / 12 / 2019

Did you know that Henry Ford, the great inventor, was fascinated by the soy bean? During…


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Research identifies promising chemicals for the Northern Netherlands

Research identifies promising chemicals for the Northern Netherlands

The availability of numerous basic chemicals at Chemical Park Delfzijl, combined with the regionā€™s agricultural residual…

Pierre Gielen

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

New biosurfactants are greener than ever

Surfactants, or surface active agents, can be found just about anywhere: in medicines, cosmetics, detergents, food,…

Pierre Gielen

Wheat Field

Bio-Port to give ā€˜stamp of approvalā€™ to plans proposed by entrepreneurs

Are SMEs too small to participate in the ā€˜large-scaleā€™ bio-economy? Not if the Bio Cooperative can…

Pierre Gielen

Source B to the next phase? 1

Source B to the next phase?

A period of reflection started in Limburg after the black gold disappeared from this southern province…

Pierre Gielen

Handshake wirh protective gloves on

Cooperation: the foundation for success

Limburg has always been an outward-looking province, with intensive border traffic. No wonder: no other Dutch…

Pierre Gielen

BioVoice: 13 new innovation contracts 1

BioVoice: 13 new innovation contracts

Thirteen new contracts and a total of almost ā‚¬ 125,000 in innovation vouchers for researching, developing…

Pierre Gielen


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Fist holding sugar beet

Scotland re-introduces sugar beet to develop the bio-economy

The re-introduction of sugar beet production to Scotland has taken a significant step forward after a…

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Devan sold to Pulcra Chemicals

German specialty chemicals company Pulcra Chemicals has announced the acquisition of Devan International Group (Devan) from…

Editorial office / Ronse

Oil tankers at sea

ā‚¬ 7 Million for 6 new circular projects in Rotterdam

Six circular projects in Rotterdam that contribute to a low-carbon and resource-neutral industry are eligible for…

Editorial office / Rotterdam

Rethinking Materials

Rethinking Materials: scaling bio-based and circular solutions

The Rethinking Materials summit on May 19-20 will uncover new opportunities for partnerships and investment in…

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Green chemistry

European chemical industry wants to boost the bioeconomy

ā€œSustainable bioeconomy activities are a pre-requisite to remain below the 1.5Ā°C limit of global temperature rise,…

Editorial office / Brussels

De-icing aircraft wings

Cosun and Avantium join forces in biobased glycol production

Cosun Beet Company and Avantium join forces to produce plant-based glycols (plantMEGā„¢ and plantMPGā„¢) from beet…

Editorial office / Dinteloord