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The Sustainable Innovation Week, organised by Greenwise Circular Plastics and Chemport Europe, concluded successfully after four days full of inspiration, meetings and knowledge sharing. From 14 to 17 November, scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, start-ups and students came together in the Northern Netherlands to take part in a varied programme focused on green chemistry and circular plastics.
Editorial office / Emmen

The Sustainable Innovation Week had five main components: the CICE Congress, Study Visit, Sustainable Industry Challenge, Green Business Challenge and Chemport Expo.

On 16 November, everything came together in Emmen. Companies and organisations met on the exhibition floor at NHL Stenden university in Emmen, Study Visit participants visited companies in the Northern Netherlands and participated in the CICE Congress, where Gert-Jan Grüter, CTO of Avantium and Professor of Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam shared inspiring insights on green chemistry globally & regionally.

Gerard Nijhoving, Managing Director of Senbis Polymer Innovations, stressed the importance of the event for keeping up with developments and innovations around circular plastics. He looks forward to possible collaborations and knowledge sharing with other parties in the field.

Circular enterprise initiative

The Sustainable Innovation Week aims to provide a stage for innovations in the Northern Netherlands, accelerate circular entrepreneurship and stimulate international cooperation. The event was co-sponsored by Chemport Industry Campus Emmen (CICE).

For more information, visit Chemport Europe’s website.