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Ltr Klaas Zijlstra, Henk Emmens, René Langevoort, Francesco Picchioni

Cescco2 to upcycle PVC with supercritical CO2

Making the PVC chain circular is coming within reach as Groningen-based start-up Cescco2 can move forward…

Pierre Gielen

CIC opening

‘The TRL train in the Northern Netherlands can finally move ahead’

The Chemport Innovation Centre (CIC) was launched in Delfzijl, in the Northern Netherlands: a new facility…

Pierre Gielen

Janneke Krooneman at ZAP Groningen

“We now have a better grip on biology”

PHAs are special biopolymers. Strictly speaking, we may not call them bioplastics, because this material is…

Pierre Gielen


Chemical industry in the north of the Netherlands leads in climate transition

Rising temperatures on earth are causing worldwide dehydration and flooding, forest fires, landslides and changes in…

Pierre Gielen

Luchtfoto Chemie Park Delfzijl

Innovation through cooperation

"Sometimes I feel like a boy with a chemistry box here," says Johan Visser, site director…

Pierre Gielen

‘Consider plastics from a fundamentally different perspective’

‘Consider plastics from a fundamentally different perspective’

‘We need to consider plastics from a fundamentally different perspective. Not as waste but as man-made…

Pierre Gielen


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Pilot Plant BioBTX

BioBTX secures over €80M to launch world’s first renewable aromatics plant

BioBTX has raised more than €80 million to build its first commercial plant to produce renewable…

Editorial office / Groningen

Banner Sustainable Innovation Week 2023 NHL Stenden

Successful Sustainable Innovation Week in the Northern Netherlands

The Sustainable Innovation Week, organised by Greenwise Circular Plastics and Chemport Europe, concluded successfully after four…

Editorial office / Emmen

Pilot Plant BioBTX

BioBTX gets €2.8 JTF grant for green chemicals from biomass and plastic waste

Dutch BioBTX, Technical University Eindhoven and Groningen University have received a €2.8 million grant from the…

Editorial office / Groningen

Chemical industry workers

Sustainable Industry Challenge 2023 finals in Emmen

The chemical industry is on the lookout for innovations to become fully sustainable, using for example…

Editorial office / Emmen


Verborg Group to build biorefinery in Farmsum

The Verborg Group is to build a biorefinery at Contitank's site in Farmsum in the Northern…

Editorial office / Farmsum

tr: Yme Flapper (technical manager), Erik Pijlman (managing director), Ian Jordens (commercial director)/Recell

Recell opens demo plant for green cellulose

Recell has opened a green cellulose demo plant with a capacity of 50kt in Leek,Northern Netherlands.…

Editorial office / Leek


Chemport Expo 2023

Visitors GETEC PARK.EMMEN, Emmen