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The chemical industry is on the lookout for innovations to become fully sustainable, using for example eco-friendly materials and chemicals. To to help accelerate these green efforts, Chemport Europe in The Northern Netherlands organises the yearly Sustainable Industry Challenge. The winners of the 2023 final will be announced during the Chemport Expo on 16 November in Emmen.
Editorial office / Emmen

In this contest, scale-ups from all over the world can help solve innovation challenges provided by the chemical industry in the Northern Netherlands. Nobian, BASF, Teijin, RWE and Cosun Beet Company are participating.

For example, energy company RWE is looking for ways to balance supply and demand of renewable energy through storage and conversion, load management and electrification. Teijin Aramid is seeking ways to reclaiming aramid fibres from rubber products. Cosun Beet Company wants to utilise sugar beet raw materials to produce new biodegradable ingredients for home and personal care products. Nobian is researching possibilities to purify residual waste water streams and extract salt from them. And BASF wants to valorise latex sludge waste streams and recycle them into products.

The Sustainable Industry Challenge initiative is offering a chance for global innovators to test and implement solutions through collaboration with knowledge institutions and businesses in the Northern Netherlands, alongside local private and public bodies. The aim is to bring together scale-ups and large businesses to tackle industry challenges and make deals.

Chemport Europe is the ecosystem for Green Chemistry in the Northern Netherlands and we are striving to accelerate our green efforts to become fully sustainable.

See the project website for more information on the Sustainable Industry Challenge. Information about the Chemport Expo can be found in the agenda.

Image: Industryviews/Shutterstock