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Chris Bruijnes

BioBooster: a successful experiment

20 / 11 / 2017

A little over a year ago, the province of North Brabant, the regional development authority REWIN,…


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Corn cobs and labware

‘Great opportunity to get started as a start-up’

The 2020 BioVoice Challenges event is over. On 2 October the companies with which the Challengers…

Pierre Gielen

Wheat Field

Bio-Port to give ‘stamp of approval’ to plans proposed by entrepreneurs

Are SMEs too small to participate in the ‘large-scale’ bio-economy? Not if the Bio Cooperative can…

Pierre Gielen

BioVoice: 13 new innovation contracts 1

BioVoice: 13 new innovation contracts

Thirteen new contracts and a total of almost € 125,000 in innovation vouchers for researching, developing…

Pierre Gielen

Demo facility AI Green Chemistry Campus

Important link for scaling up green innovations

Entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next step can easily scale up in the Green…

Pierre Gielen

BBI JU: private sector is stepping up

BBI JU: private sector is stepping up

In terms of industrial deployment, Europe has made significant strides in the bio-based economy, according to…

Lucien Joppen

The need for a uniform ‘yardstick’

The need for a uniform ‘yardstick’

The sustainable character of the biobased economy tends not to receive enough attention. Biomass is always…

Lucien Joppen


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Green leaf close-up

Tech Tour Launches Circular 2024 Programme

Tech Tour is announcing the launch of the first edition of the Tech Tour Circular 2024…

Editorial office / Ghent

TNO Biorizon Biomass to Bio-aromatics Lab

Biorizon-technology available for SME’s

Working with advanced bioaromatics from the Biorizon project is not only a privilege for large companies.…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Chemical industry workers

Sustainable Industry Challenge 2023 finals in Emmen

The chemical industry is on the lookout for innovations to become fully sustainable, using for example…

Editorial office / Emmen

Business advisor / innovation agent

ChemistryNL is hiring an Innovation Agent Biobased Economy

The top sector Chemistry and Biobased Economy in the Netherlands, ChemistryNL, is looking for an innovation…

Editorial office / The Hague

Girl wraps pallet in shrinkwrap

How to load pallets stably without using wrapping film

Plastic wrapping film is widely used by logistics companies to secure cargo on pallets for storage…

Editorial office / Moerdijk

Sustainable earth concept

Companies are increasing sustainability faster

Sustainability performance is accelerating as more companies seek to reduce supply chain risks. SMEs in particular…

Editorial office / Paris


Tech Tour Circular 2024

Sint-Pietersabdij, Gent


Palais de la Musique et des Congres, Strasbourg