Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

New biosurfactants are greener than ever

Surfactants, or surface active agents, can be found just about anywhere: in medicines, cosmetics, detergents, food,…

Pierre Gielen

GBO Final Conference

‘Cooperation is more than an online story’

If the result of three years of Borderless Biobased Education (BBE) had to be summed up…

Pierre Gielen


Chemical industry workers

Sustainable Industry Challenge 2023 finals in Emmen

The chemical industry is on the lookout for innovations to become fully sustainable, using for example…

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Biobased cosmetics

BIOSWITCH closes successful project with presentation and training

A successful biobased economy is not only built on technology, but especially on consumer confidence in…

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BioVoice 2020: eight new innovation contracts

No one could have foreseen that the second round of BioVoice would be held in such…

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BioBoost extended to end 2020

BioBoost extended to end of 2020

The 2 Seas Interreg programme has decided to extend the project period of BioBoost until the…

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Bioextrax wins Green Chemistry part of SIC 2020

Suiker Unie chooses Bioextrax as the SIC 2020 winner

Suiker Unie has chosen Bioextrax as the winner of its challenge in the "green chemistry" category…

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CFK Recycling wins Sustainable Industry Challenge 2020

CFK Recycling wins Sustainable Industry Challenge 2020

At the New Year’s reception of Groningen Seaports in Delfzijl last week, CFK Recycling from Germany…

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