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No one could have foreseen that the second round of BioVoice would be held in such a special way: in stead of personal collaboration, the consultation, the guidance and even the festive conclusion were organised digitally.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

BioVoice is an innovation challenge in Southern-Netherlands, in which large companies work together with SMEs who propose circular/biobased solutions for real problems in the business world. No fewer than 85 participants registered for this second round. It ultimately resulted in 8 new contracts and nine other (potential) forms of cooperation between the challengers and participants.

On Friday, October 2, the contract partners were presented during a digital meeting, at which a total amount of innovation vouchers of € 69,880 euros was distributed, financed by the Rabobank, the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Zeeland and Regio Deal MidWest-Brabant. Participants can use these vouchers for research, development and the implementation of their ideas.

The winning companies are:

  • Arvia Technology, for a membrane technology for purifying residual water (challenger: Cargill);
  • Starbons, for an innovative separation technology on the basis of pectin from sugar beets (challenger Cosun);
  • Proton Ventures, for a small-scale production unit that makes green ammonia from residual hydrogen and nitrogen (challenger SABIC);
  • BSE Methanol, for a Power to X plant that can be used to convert residual hydrogen and CO2 into green methanol (challenger SABIC);
  • CatOlyst Chemtech, which uses wheat gluten residual flows as a binding agent for powders (challenger Cargill);
  • AEP Polymers, which aims to use wheat gluten to improve the properties of epoxy resins in coatings and composites (challenger Cargill);
  • Circular Matters, which wants to use wheat gluten to make new materials for coffins (challenger Cargill);
  • Harsonic, which wants to use ultrasonic technology to remove contaminants from the cooling water of crackers, so that harmful hydrochloric acid is no longer needed (challenger Dow);

At the end of the digital event, a glass was raised on the fruitful collaboration. BioVoice program manager Bob Houpst already announced the next round: BioVoice 2021 starts at the beginning of the new year. Companies interested in submitting a challenge can contact him via the BioVoice website.

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