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Suiker Unie has chosen Bioextrax as the winner of its challenge in the "green chemistry" category during the Sustainable Industry Challenge 2020. Economic Board Groningen held this international competition for green solutions in the chemical and energy sector. On January 7 and 8 2020, the final event was held in Groningen, The Netherlands.
Editorial office / Groningen

Suiker Unie was one of the so-called challenge owners and issued the assignment: devise technologies to turn sugar into sustainable plastics. The Swedish start-up Bioextrax was one of the five promising entrants, as the inventor of a technology for the sustainable production and extraction of the biobased and biodegradable plastic PHA from sucrose.

Suiker Unie is positive about the quality of the entries. With five of the seven starting companies, opportunities for joint innovation are being explored.

Olaf van Baal, Chief Innovation Officer of Suiker Unie: “We were able to speak to many interesting parties to further valorize our sugar in green chemistry. This has resulted in many valuable contacts. The quality was surprisingly high. We will certainly continue this.”

Photo: Martijn Scholten