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On Thursday, October 10, the official opening of the new Green Protein Demo Plant of Suiker Unie will take place in Dinteloord, The Netherlands.
Editorial office / Dinteloord

In this demo factory, an innovative process is scaled up to extract proteins from the green leaves of sugar beet. This specifically concerns RuBisCo, a high-quality protein that can be used as a food ingredient.

The extraction technology was developed within a BBI JU funded project, by a spin-off from Wageningen University & Research, which was acquired by Suiker Unie at the end of 2018. Since then, work has been done to further develop the technology and its market-readiness. In this way, Suiker Unie responds to the worldwide transition to vegetable proteins and the sustainable valorisation of biomass residual flows from sugar beet.

More information about the official opening can be found in the agenda. Participation in the event and a visit to the Green Protein Demo Plant requires registration. That is possible until 4 October.