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Green Chemistry Campus, REWIN and Wageningen University are planning the development of the first multipurpose Polymerization Shared Facility Pilot Plant in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

In this facility new and redesigned bio-polymers can be produced at a sub-commercial scale. Currently the consortium is looking for companies in the field of new (biobased) polymers that are interested to either use this unique infrastructure or that want to become a shareholder.

Test New & Redesigned Polymers at a Sub-Commercial Scale

Many developers of (bio-)polymers are ready to scale-up production from lab-scale to industrial-scale. The current lack of R&D infrastructure prevents them from optimally developing their innovations that could potentially green the chemical industry. The Polymerization Shared Facility Pilot aims to bridge this ‘valley of death’ in polymer innovation by sharing costly infrastructure between multiple users.

The plant embraces ring-opening and polycondensation polymerization as well as de-polymerization. With the possibility of continuous production of larger volumes of new and re-designed polymers, both the behavior of the polymer in production (upstream) and the processing (downstream) can be investigated at pre-commercial volumes (tons-scale). The figure below shows the Polymerization Shared Facility Pilot across the value chain.

Diagram Polymerization Shared Facility

Call for Industrial Partners to Use or Invest in the Polymerization Shared Facility Pilot Plant

We are looking for companies who are active in the research and development of (bio)-polymers, either new polymers and/or drop-ins. If you are a polymer developer or an end-user in materials, this facility will help you to make the innovation process of developing new polymers and materials more efficient and sustainable.

We’re searching for business partner(s) who want to use this facility in coming years or who want to be a shareholder of this facility. For any type of business partner, we have formulated very attractive offerings, which include:

  • a pilot plant designed to your requirements (with broad process-operating window);
  • opportunity to co-invest;
  • guaranteed use of the facility;
  • competitive costs;
  • located in the thriving bio-economy ecosystem of the Biobased Delta.

Consortium Partners & Context

Consortium Partners Green Chemistry Campus, REWIN and Wageningen University are planning to develop this Polymerization Shared Facility at the site of the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands.

The facility reinforces the Biobased Delta ecosystem and is additional to existing research infrastructure such as the Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, Bioprocess Pilot Facility in Delft and the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant in Ghent. It increases the attractiveness of the region for companies in the world to establish R&D centers here. The Wageningen Food & Biobased Research will give specifically scientific and engineering support to this polymerization pilot plant.

About two third of the plant will be publicly funded.

More Information

We would be happy to send you more information or (preferably) talk to you to explore possibilities that could help your company to successfully scale-up production of new (bio-)polymers. Please contact Marcel van Berkel, CEO Polymerization Shared Facility, phone +31 6222 03144, e-mail .